True AF Memes About DWIL

DWIL isn’t on your radar when you meet the love of your life and decide to get married. Your focus is naturally on one other and the future, which is bright and brimming with hope. Ahhh, young love. Rarely do we give much thought or consideration to the fact that when we marry a person, we also marry his or her FAMILY. And here’s the thing: DWIL is not for the weak.

It might be time for us to consider changing our customs. A much more accurate representation of what happens when two people are locked into a lifelong commitment would involve parking every member of the bride’s and groom’s families on the platform next to the preacher and shuffling the bridesmaids and groomsmen over to the side.

Choosing a spouse is tricky; we know this already. But if you manage to nab yourself a spouse who comes from a family who isn’t 100 percent abhorrent, or at the very least, irritating? Congratulations! YOU’VE FOUND YOURSELF A UNICORN.

(For the record, I married into a great family. I have to put this disclaimer because I genuinely love them and am grateful for them every day, and I wouldn’t want anyone to read this and get the impression that they are abhorrent or irritating.)

If you’re in the hefty percentage of people who happen to have in-laws who are obnoxious as fu*k, I’ve got great news for you: you’re not alone.