7 People You Should Never Introduce Your Husband To

Recently, I made a catastrophic marital mistake. See, last year I took up spinning and got totally hooked. I loved how quick the workout was and I fell in love with a few of their star teachers, whose workouts were always epic. My husband lamented trying to get in shape and so I suggested he take my spot in my favorite class, taught by my favorite teacher, at prime time.

And, of course, the worst thing imaginable happened: He loved the class! Now he wants to go to that class every morning, which means sometimes I can’t go. One of us has to take the kids to school. And sure, I can go to another class taught by another teacher, but it’s tough when you have a favorite teacher whose class times work for your schedule.


So yeah, I’m totally regretting encouraging him to go to my favorite class. And if I were to be completely honest, my spin teacher isn’t the only person or thing I don’t want to share with the hubs. Learn from my mistake. Keep these people for yourself.

1. Your favorite workout instructor

Two things happen when you tell your hubs about “the best class ever.” One, he goes, loves it, and you have to take turns going (like in my situation). Or two, he goes, hates it, and taints what was a perfect experience for you. So until childcare isn’t an issue and you and the hubs have to tag each other out in order to workout, don’t share the good teachers and the prime times. What the hubs doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

2. Your ob-gyn (*unless you’re in the delivery room)

There’s no other reason for him to buddy up to your ob-gyn. Take it from me. My husband and I ran into mine at a party and my husband couldn’t help but say to my doctor, “Both of us have been in her vagina recently.” He thought it was hilarious. I died inside. Next time we run into my ob-gyn in public, I’m pretending like I don’t know him and apologizing later.

3. The hair stylist

My hubs started going to my beloved hair stylist, which seemed innocent enough. But hair stylists are like therapists except when you know your hair stylist might repeat whatever you say to her next appointment, who just happens to be your hubs.

4. The ex-boyfriend

Unless you’re one of those rare gals who stays friends with her exes, there’s really no reason to introduce your husband to a man who once captured your heart. Plus, if you’re like me you have a few former flames that you’d never consider dating now that you’re more mature; meeting him would only show your husband what bad taste you used to have! Who needs that stress?!

5. Your childhood best friend

It sounds great to introduce the hubs to your childhood best friend…until you do. And when the two get to talking she’ll share all your embarrassing secrets like braces, pimples, and unrequited fourth grade love. If you want to keep your childhood horror stories to yourself, don’t bring the hubs to your elementary school reunion. It’s just too dangerous.

6. Your best mom friend

Not only did I introduce my husband to my favorite spin teacher, I introduced him to my best friend and her husband. It was awful! The two guys completely hit it off and now they want to hang out all the time. Sounds dreamy except, they totally bro out with a group of their new dad friends and don’t include us. We moms have an impossible time scheduling girl’s nights out, but somehow the guys never seem to have an issue. That was a mistake!

7. Your therapist

Sometimes a gal needs someone to talk to so she hires a shrink. There’s nothing wrong with it. Therapy can be life changing. It has been for me. But when the hubs sees all the positive changes you’re making in your life, chances are he’s going to want in. So when he asks for your shrink’s number, don’t give it to him. Ethically, the therapist won’t be able to see both of you so you and he will have to arm wrestle for the doctor. That’s not a battle you want to lose!

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