A B*stard Cheating is Not His Partner’s Fault

Alrighty Mr Trump, I’ve had just about enough of you.

Now I’m not here to debate your economic platform, whether you or Hillary will do a better job in Congress or even how scary it will be if you’re in charge. No, I’m here to talk about the horrendous message you’re sending to so many wives who are struggling with their husband’s infidelity.

You see, you’ve raised the issue — a bloody news conference for 2 whole hours worth of issue– that Hillary’s husband cheated on her. That her husband did far worse than you ever could at disrespecting women (that’s debatable) and how maybe, just maybe Hilary was in on it all. That she covered it up and laughed at the girls while she paid them money to shut up.

You know what? I don’t care. This whole circus makes me think even less of you. Why? Because of the message you’re sending to women.

Now that might be a little too generic a statement – ‘the message you’re sending to women’. So, I’ll try it this way. When your partner cheats on you it’s heartbreaking. Earth shattering, can’t breathe, chest-aching heart breaking. You question yourself, you question him and then most of all you question what the best thing is for your family. Should you stay so that your children have the best chance at a ‘normal’ life? Do you put your kids’ needs before your own?

And that’s what Hillary did. She stayed. She chose what worked for her and she is no less a person for staying. How dare you even comment and bring up such a horrible time in her life when you don’t know what happened behind closed doors?

She stayed while her heart was hurting.

She stayed while she laid awake wondering where he was.

She stayed while she dreamed of what life would be like if she walked away to forge her own path.

Now here’s my problem, mate. There are thousands of women in this exact situation every. damn. day. And by mocking her, by rubbing her face in it you’re making a her husband’s infidelity her issue, instead of his. Why does her husbands actions have anything to do with her? She didn’t encourage him to do it and god knows what happened behind closed doors when she found out what he did.

When you make this kind of issue public and continue to rub her nose in it, you’re making women in this horrible situation question themselves too. They wonder did they do something to make him cheat? Did she bring his violence on herself? All these horrible thoughts we don’t need any women or even man to think. You make us doubt ourselves. And when that happens, well it’s all over.

I am appalled at you. Like the cheating bastards out there, you are not for women at all, you’re just for you.

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