20 Percent of Women Prefer Facebook Over Sex, Says Survey

Yes, that’s right: 20 percent of women would rather give up sex than Facebook for a week.

Of course, if you flip the results around, 80 percent of women — or the other four in that one-in-five scenario — would rather make sweet love than spend their days trolling the Internet. Maybe the 80 percent that still have their priorities in order can shake some sense into those poor, confused Facebook stalkers.

Other results from the survey provide a bit more hope for womankind and, ultimately, humanity. Nearly half of women would give up their cell phone for sex, and 70 percent would give up texting. 43 percent would ditch the computer altogether to get freaky with their guy.

And despite the slew of promising new television hitting the airwaves this fall, 80 percent would give up their favorite TV shows for a week as long as they could keep getting down and dirty.

Now, if we could only get through to those Facebook lovers. Maybe they just need a reason to turn off the computer? It’s possible they just aren’t getting any nookie in the first place. Of course, they are Cosmo readers, so that’s a bit hard to believe.

What would you rather give up for a week: Facebook or sex?

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