10 Things You Should Never Complain About to Your Husband

We have a right to yell at them for playing games on their cell phones all the time, not cutting their finger or toe nails, and going to dinner wearing a wrinkled shirt. But other topics are not worth wasting our breath.

Here are 10 things all wives need to stop complaining about to their husbands:

1. His obsession with sports television. Rather than comment about how your husband is always in front of the TV during baseball/football/hockey/whatever sport season, just accept the fact that he’s going to watch each event, bet money on the winner behind your back, and probably scream at the screen while doing so.

It’s a guy thing. We will never understand. Just like he’ll never get why you can’t miss an episode of your daily soap operas.

2. Your body image. Every husband has heard at one time or another how much his wife thinks she’s fat, hates her hair, etc. To him, you’re a goddess. He doesn’t notice the few extra pounds you may have put on or that your roots are overgrown. Don’t be so hard on yourself … or his ears.

3. His lack of romance. Your husband loves you. He really does. He just doesn’t always know how to show it. Remember, while you’re watching romantic comedies, he’s watching sports.

He needs someone to teach how to keep the sparks alive. Start with leaving little love notes for him around the house and maybe he’ll follow your lead.

4. His office hours. We’re sure he’d rather be home with his feet kicked up on the couch and a beer in his hand just as much as you want him to be home, but some jobs are more demanding than others. As long as he’s not strolling in at 11pm every night, don’t badger him about pulling longer hours at the office.

However, if that is the case, check his shirt collars for lipstick and perfume, just to be safe. And remember, you like to go shopping with that hard-earned cash.

5. Your PMS. Guys are typically very sympathetic, but too much complaining about it and they will start feeling guilty or unhelpful. Text your girlfriends instead.

6. His driving.

Just put your foot on the imaginary passenger seat break pedal and keep quiet. He’s not going to change his driving style just because you’re in the car. Unless he’s constantly getting pulled over, fined or ticketed, let it go.

7. The music he blasts. Not all couples enjoy the same music genres. Make a “safe” playlist of songs you like and play it when you’re in the car together.

8. Keeping the house clean. So what if the dishes still have food dried on the edges? At least he made the effort to help you and tried washing them. And if the house isn’t vacuumed or the furniture is a little dusty, you’ll live. It can wait another day.

Everyone is so busy these days, sometimes you just need to let chores slide and enjoy family time.

9. Leaving the seat up. Let him fall in the toilet bowl the next time his stomach aches. Lesson learned.

10. His parents. He probably feels the same about yours. Do you want all your conversations to revolve around mother-in-laws? Didn’t think so.

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