7 Ways You’re Sexier Now That You’re a Mom


Being sexy is sometimes — okay much of the time — the farthest thing from my mind. Maybe it has to do with the fact that since becoming a mom I’ve had spit-up in my cleavage, pureed prunes on my cheek, and a tube of nipple cream in the pocket of my maternity pants (because breastfeeding, unlike what the books promised, did not make my tummy shrink right away). I certainly don’t feel flirtatious when I’ve given 11 time outs before noon, slugged a diaper champ bag over my shoulder like Santa, and scraped the skin off my fingers putting on a crib sheet. I’ve often secretly wondered if my husband misses the more spontaneous, put together, and sometimes even attractive woman he married. But when I asked him and more real dads to reveal what they thought of their partners post kids, it turns out I shouldn’t have worried so much. Here’s why I — and you — still have it going on:

You’re a sexy double agent.“My wife may spend a lot of time playing board games, pushing a stroller, and baby-talking when she’s with the kids — but there’s another side of her that enjoys doing things the kids shouldn’t know about.” – Jason G., Los Angeles, CA


Your experience has made you more confident (confidence = sexy). “Now that my wife is a mother, she’s more confident about who she really is — and that’s her most attractive quality. She’s less concerned with being something that others might expect.” – Jeff R., Kansas City, MO

You know what you want (and he loves that). “A woman who has what she wants figured out, including kids, partner, family, is way sexier than one who is still figuring it out.” — Robert P., Los Angeles, CA

You are his rock. “Coming home to her at the end of the day is such a huge comfort and relief. I can be myself around her in a way I can’t with anyone else. Being a mom has only made her more of an attractive ally.” – Jeff B., Washington DC

He knows you better than ever (and that’s a good thing!). “Being so intimately involved with my wife’s body throughout pregnancy and birth made me more comfortable and relaxed with her in the bedroom.” — Kevin G., Los Angeles, CA

You are even hotter now. “I know this may sound cliche, but her new mom curves are so sexy. I see her body as even more magnificent and powerful than ever before.” — David G., Los Angeles, CA

You’re more amazing than ever. “When my wife had our first child, it pushed all of the beauty, confidence, and tenderness that I knew was within her to the surface for all to see, and that…well that just made her stunning, and it still overwhelms me to this day every time I look at her!” – Gary F., Murfreesboro, TN


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