6 On-Screen Couples That Make Me Appreciate My Marriage

My husband and I bicker when I’m a backseat driver, and we argue about chores. But, we rarely have yelling matches (and we always manage to make up afterwards). I guess you can say our marriage is pretty typical, and definitely too boring to make a good movie…but that’s definitely not true when it comes to the marriages invented in Hollywood. These six fictional couples have relationships that are so dysfunctional they remind me how good I have it every time I watch them in action.

Gone Girl: Nick and Amy Dunne

While this couple is perfect for each other, their relationship couldn’t be more messed up: Amy goes missing and all evidence points toward murder. Her husband Nick is the #1 suspect and may not be as innocent as he claims to be. But, Amy isn’t so wholesome herself.

“Scandal:” Mellie and Fitz

Fitz actually invited his mistress to dinner and expected Mellie to serve her. Then again, Mellie’s pulled her share of punches. Maybe they are perfect for each other.


“The Big Bang Theory:” Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler

Sheldon and Amy’s relationship is more platonic than most on screen couples and comes with a contract outlining required number of dates and other responsibilities. It works for them, but I don’t know how Amy puts up with Sheldon’s selfishness.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona: Antonio and Maria Elena

Sure, they’re gorgeous, but there’s a reason Antonio and Maria Elena are divorced. Even though Maria Elena may or may not have attempted to kill Antonio, the two are still in lust — and act upon it. I’m not sure I could continue to bed someone who tried to kill me.

Homeland:” Carrie and Brody

Spoiler alert if you haven’t finished season 2 of Homeland: I’m glad that Brody is no longer in the picture. Their on-again, off-again hook-ups drove me crazy, especially since Brody was married to someone else. Carrie’s obsessiveness turned into stalking when he tried to break it off with her.

The Simpsons:” Marge and Homer Simpson

Yes, I know Marge and Homer are cartoon characters, but they definitely belong on this list. They both have crazy, quirky habits that would have caused most couples to divorce. Marge has overdosed on steroids, been jailed for shoplifting, and was a gambling addict. Homer’s list is even longer. He’s an alcoholic, angers easily, and always has a new get rich scheme.

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