7 Most Common Marriage Myths

It is true that knowing the difference between marriage myths and marriage facts can improve your chances of having a successful marriage. For example, it is a FACT that if you get married before the age of 24 in the USA, you have a MUCH higher chance of getting divorced than those who get married at 25 and older. The divorce rate for those getting married after the age of 25 is only about 30 percent – less than half the 65 percent divorce rate for those getting married before the age of 24!


What really matters is understanding the difference between the “truths” about marriage and the myths about marriage. Test yourself with the 10 statements about marriage below based upon our 33 years of research in 49 countries and all seven of the world continents. See if you know the difference between fact and fiction:

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7 Common Myths About Marriage That Just Aren’t True

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