7 Shocking Things That Will Ruin Your Sex Life

You may think that libido is all about what's going on "down there," but there is far more to it than just that. Women, especially, can't quite get their libido into gear if other factors are messing with it. For example, a new study found that smell can really kill a women's sex drive, like, completely put it out of commission.

Women have a sense of smell unlike men. We're far more sensitive to different scents, and it can fluctuate during our menstruation cycle, as well as be confused a bit if we're on the pill. There's an evolutionary reasons for this, of course, because as bearers of the wee ones we need to have an acute sense of smell to avoid putting toxins in our bodies, but when it comes to our sex life, it also plays a major hand in the process. The study revealed that when people get older, their smelling ability declines, this, unfortunately, can get in the way of sexual bonds and communication with our partners. As Professor Tim Jacob, at Cardiff University explains, "We're drawn to people who have a different set of immune genes from us — an evolutionary mechanism to encourage us to pass different immune genes to our offspring. And our own body odor is determined by our immune genes." Remove that from the equation, and we're looking at a libido that just might be high and dry.


Smell aside, here are a few weird, but true other things to put on the "libido killing" list.

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