6 Times Guys Deserve a Second Chance

He’s late on the first date. Yes, it’s infuriating — but you should learn the reason behind his tardiness before you kick him to the curb. Sometimes the traffic really is bad. His cell phone did die, or he was caught up at work. It happens, especially in a city as chaotic as New York. If he’s always late, however, ditch him.

You don’t feel a spark. If you’re anything like me, you want to feel butterflies on a first date. Sometimes that spark isn’t instant. Give him another shot. It may be nerves. Or you may not be open. If you feel nothing by the third date, then set him free.

He fumbles your name. Some of us (ahem, me!) have exotic names. It’s difficult for a man to pronounce “Sujeiry” correctly. Even Latino men mess it up and its pronunciation is phonetic in Spanish. Just make sure he gets it right the second time he takes you out.

His cellphone etiquette sucks. You’re on a date and the guy is constantly on his phone. I know, I know, he should not get a second chance. But, well…maybe he should. He might just be so used to being plugged in that he doesn’t realize he’s too connected. So tell him. If he doesn’t listen and keeps texting and taking calls? Delete his number.

Your timing is off when you first meet. Sometimes relationships don’t work the first time around. If you meet a man and he is suddenly noncommittal, it may be a case of bad timing. If he resurfaces and is really ready to date and commit, give it another go. 

He’s a shy guy. Shy men tend to get left behind. They don’t express their feelings as easily, or at all, so it’s easy to dismiss them after a date or two. Give him time to open up. If he is a thoughtful and wonderful man who is into you, he might just need an extra push. Who knows? He may just be the one you were meant to be with. 


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