Why Single Moms Need to Embrace the Day Date

Dating as a single mom is tough no matter how you spin it, but throw in pure exhaustion and it almost feels like a task. I have no shame admitting I'd rather crawl in bed early and alone on a Friday night. After working all week, driving my son to swim class and other after school activities, coaching soccer … getting done up for a date where dinner is served at 9 p.m. is absurd. This is why I'm not opposed to day dates! What's a day date? It's exactly how it reads. You go on a date during day time hours. 

Since I work from home as a freelance writer and reporter a few days a week, I can occasionally sneak away for a coffee or lunch date during the day when my son is ding-ding-ding—at school. Not only does this mean I don't have to pay for a babysitter, but I'm also not exhausted, juggling cooking dinner for my son and applying mascara, or freaking out about not being around for his bedtime and every other XYZ thing that goes through my mind when I attempt to have an evening out. 


I'm not saying an evening out is out of the question—I love quiet dinners in dimly lit places, martinis while we listen to jazz, tried-and-true snuggles on the couch watching a [Bradley Cooper] movie … but these scenarios don't always pan out for me—or other single moms. 

I know what you're thinking, just get a sitter. But I'm down to one sitter. She's in her 20s and I've known her fam for years. If she's free, she's a great nighttime sitter for my son, but I have to return home at a reasonable hour (kill joy!) for two reasons. Um, sitters are, cha-ching—expensive and I only allow family members (my mom, dad, or brothers) to have sleepovers with my kiddo. And speaking of family (they're awesome!)—they have lives too. So, while they can and do babysit my son and welcome fun sleepovers, they can't always pitch in, because they have their own dates to go on! 

Which brings me back to the day date. The thing about day dates is that they tend to wrap up quicker than a nighttime date, which means you meet for lunch, chat, and move on with your day, because it's day time and face it, most adults have things to do during the day: Work! Pick up their kiddos from school! Hit the gym! Housework! Mow the lawn! Take your kid to a bday party or movie!

Even if you work FT in an office, you can schedule a lunch, take an hour and enjoy a sandwich with a first date or boyfriend. Fine, you can't make it during the week? Schedule a play date for your kid on a SAT and ask the parent if you can pick him up in two hours (but offer to repay the favor!).

Day dates are actually invigorating. They give you something to look forward too during the day, a little "Take 5" if you will. The biggest perk for me is having my cake and eating too. I get in some adult time, but I'm still around for my son. 

Have you ever gone a day date? I challenge you to go on one!