Make Baby’s Bathtime more Fun

Since bath time is an essential part of your baby’s daily routine, why not find fun new ways to make it more efficient and pleasurable for both of you?

Any one of these bath accessories will help make bath time with your baby more fun and relaxing.


altWhen my kids were little, one of my favorite things was to bathe them in the kitchen sink. Now I know that might sound a little strange, but using the kitchen sink for bath time created a fun break from our usual routine and was far less backbreaking than leaning over a low bathtub or using a smaller tub insert inside the big bathtub.

So when I came across this Spa Style Baby’s Bathtub, it’s design seemed pretty genius and a much better alternative than using the kitchen sink! It snugly cradles your baby’s body in a natural fetal position, plus it’s both portable and lightweight, so it can be taken along on trips or used to soothe a fussy baby and help prepare them for a more restful sleep.




altAnd to add some magical fun into the mix, this Calming Bubble Bath is gentle on sensitive skin and free of sulfates and other harsh additives that are often found in other Bubble Bath formulas. It’s available in many different formulas, with various aromatherapy blends that are derived from high quality essential oils.





altAnd when bath time is over, snuggle your warm baby bundle up in one of these darling hooded animal print bath wraps. They’re generously sized, lined with a cotton terry lining and are fully machine washable too.