5 Chic Newborn Essentials We’d Die Without

Having a baby has drastically changed everything about our lives. We’ve suddenly been thrust into a world full of burp cloths, rocking chairs, car seats, and an astonishing amount of toys. With all of the stuff we’ve acquired in the first few months of our baby’s life, we’ve had to fight ot keep our home looking like somewhere we live, as opposed to just a place that got hit with a baby-store tornado.


While most baby products look like a pile of colored plastic, we’ve found some available that do a great job of helping our baby grow and learn without looking like a multicolored nightmare.

Here are a few of my essential items for around the house that have helped welcome our newborn into our home without making it look like our house has completely transformed into a kindergarten classroom.

Dresser + Changing Table


We’re changing a dozen diapers a day—so we spend a lot of time in front of our baby’s dresser. You will be too, so why not make it one that you enjoy looking at? You will also want to make sure it is the proper height to not hurt your back while you are bent over the little guy or gal, and that it has easy access to all of the diaper-changing necessities. Have a drawer dedicated to diapers, wipes, salves & ointments, as well as easily accessible changes of clothing for emergencies. Bonus tip: Get a lamp with a dimmer switch and keep it there for late-night changes. And even better if it’s a dresser that the little one can grow into and use for years to come. (This dresser is from IKEA, and has been hacked to have a darker finish on it by Lovely Indeed.)

Bath Time Organizer


Bath time can start looking like a war zone quickly if you don’t have a handle on organizing all of the necessities. Even with a tiny newborn, there are washcloths, soaps, and rinsers to wrangle on the counter top. And when you move into the bathtub, it will be filled with toys in no time. So get an over-the-tub organizer to keep it all under control. That way, at least your bathroom can stay a little more put together than just having a tub full of stuff all the time. This caddy from Munchkin does a great job of keeping the bath-time essentials contained.



Babies love rolling around, and they love a soft blanket to roll around on. One way to keep your home looking put together is to get some blankets and throws that still fit in with your home decor that you can use for tummy time. They might get drool all over them, but at least they match the couch! The Threshold line at Target has some beautiful pieces right now that would work great for rolling around on the floor with baby.

Bottle Drying Rack


Another place you spend a lot of time when you have a newborn is in front of the sink washing bottles. Even if you are exclusively breast feeding, you will still be washing all of those breast-pump parts every day. A crucial addition to the home is a bottle drying rack. The Grass Countertop Drying Rack from Boon looks great in any kitchen, and does a great job of catching all your hand-washed bottle parts. 

Bouncy Chair


An absolute must for any home with a newborn is a place to set the little tyke down! There are a ton of bouncy chairs on the market, but the key is finding one that looks good in your house. Be sure to get one that is lightweight and easy to carry, as you will absolutely be using it in every room of the house. This Bramble Bear bouncer from Mamas & Papas would look great sitting in any living room. 

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