An Aunt in Disneyland

I took my kids to Disneyland on Super Bowl Sunday.

First, I don’t care for football and the only reason I usually watch the game is for the commercials.

Second, I’d heard rumors that Disneyland isn’t crowded on Super Bowl. There were even rumors that it was…quiet. Nearly empty, by some reports.

Those reports, by the way, lied.

Still, by the time I realized it was going to be a typical Sunday at Disneyland, it was too late. We were already in the park and standing in line for Pirates of the Caribbean.

This was the first time I’ve taken the kids on this sort of trip without my ex. But not to fear, I brought my sister.

Actually, you should probably fear.

As amazing as she is as an aunt, my poor sister had no idea what she was getting herself into by joining a five-year-old obsessed with Star Wars and a two-year-old obsessed with Princesses at Disneyland.

Ten hours and enough rides to make us all sick to our stomachs, later, she swore it would take her a year or two before she could join us again.

Personally, I wasn’t sure what the big deal was. The kids were very well behaved, waited patiently in line, and ate whatever I gave them. Granted, there was the Cotton Candy Incident and the Leaving the Front of the Line to Go to the Bathroom Situation, but overall, it was a pretty fun-filled day.

Have you taken you a childless friend or family member on vacation with you? What was your experience?