No Leaks. Nada.

Picture this: me, with coiffed hair, in a nice dress and heels. Pretty right? Now picture this: a trash bag breaking at the seams, falling all over this mama and down the stairs of our apartment walkway. Not pretty, and it happened to me.

A few weeks ago, mi hijo and I were just doing the familiar mad rush we do every morning. With backpack on the boy and lunch bag ready to go, I grabbed the trash bag. Although I could tell the bag was not very sturdy, I went out the door on blind faith. The bag ripped, and down went the trash. It was pretty gross, and a mental breakdown promptly followed with tears and a change of clothes.


This is why when I was asked to try Glad Tall Kitchen ForceFlex DrawstringBags I said, “Bring. It. On.”

It’s a bit mind-boggling how much trash we accumulate in my household. We have a full bag of trash just about every day. We live in a quaint—yet old—-apartment. We do not have the space to compost, and we don’t have a garbage disposal (gasp). This means we have to take our garbage out every day.


Here we go. Already, this Glad Tall Kitchen ForceFlex Drawstring Bag looks better than the rest.


My husband always shakes his head out of frustration because trash bags fall into our trash bin. Well Mr. Judgy can just stop now—this no longer happens with Glad Tall Kitchen ForceFlex Drawstring Bags.


I am famous for grabbing many things as I walk out the door, after all, isn’t this what mamas do? The Glad Tall Kitchen ForceFlex Drawstring Bags have plenty of handle room, so I can take out more than one bag at a time.


We have taken it upon us to clear out our home in a major way this year—donating to the local church or school every weekend. Mi hijo and I have been using Glad Tall Kitchen ForceFlex Drawstring Bags for all our weekend drop-offs.

The verdict? Glad Tall Kitchen ForceFlex Drawstring Bags work wonders. And trust me, I did not hold back. I did my weekly fridge cleaning—and promptly dumped all of the spoiled food into these bags. No leaks. Nada.

Now these Glad Tall Kitchen ForceFlex DrawstringBags are a household staple, and I use them daily. If you think I am going back to those lousy other bags… there’s no chance, mamacita, no chance.

This post was sponsored by Glad