3 Surprising Discoveries I’ve Made During My Pregnancy

This is my first rodeo. Even though my sister has four children and I think I’m pretty kid savvy, I certainly have plenty to learn. In fact, I’m only about halfway through my pregnancy and I’m already learning a lot, as well as encountering a few shockers, like these…

1. It’s probably best NOT to answer the “Do you have a name yet?” question.

I posted on Instagram about wanting to name our little girl after one of the characters from the “Golden Girls,” because it is my absolute favorite show. I was half kidding, but it didn’t matter. Steve, my partner, wasn’t into the idea at all. I suppose he has a point. Besides Rose, Dorothy, Sophia (already taken my by niece), and Blanche, I do have a short list of baby girl names that I love on my Baby Bump app. I USED to share them when asked the question. From now on, I’m going to just say we are still thinking about it. The reason is, every time I go through the list, we get one of these responses: “Ugh… no!” “That name reminds me of an annoying person I worked with years ago.” “Isn’t that a boy’s name?” I think I’ll keep the list to myself from now on.


2. Everyone who told me I didn’t need to buy maternity jeans was wrong.

I’ve heard the trick about using a rubber band to keep your jeans up when your belly expands. I’ve also been told to just wear super low rise jeans. I’ve tried both suggestions and neither one is comfortable at all. Between my muffin top and the feeling the rubber band is going to snap, these ideas just don’t work for me. So, thank you H&M for making an affordable and stylish maternity jean. P.S. If anyone needs a box of rubber bands, let me know.

3. Anything and everything makes me cry.

I’m not a super sensitive person. If anything, I pride myself on having pretty thick skin. I always say that it’s almost impossible to offend me. Well, newsflash — not these days. The other day I cried over a Facebook post I read. I also cried when American Pharaoh won the Triple Crown. I’m surprised I’m not tearing up while writing this!

Photo: Courtesy of Sabrina Soto