Why Cumin Is So Great for You (+ 5 Ways to Enjoy It)

When I first started cocinando a few years ago, I made it my mission to test recipes by greats like Alice Waters and The Barefoot Contessa. And while I developed a love for cooking their dishes, I found myself craving the flavors of my childhood. So I went to the true great, my mom. After all, she is the reason that I find the smell of sautéed cebollas to be so comforting (and her rice and beans are magic). 

One thing my mom always cooks with is cumin, so I’ve found myself cooking with the earthy, nutty spice too. I love the way it tastes, and it’s healthy: It’s filled with vitamins C and E. It’s also high in iron, and it contains thymol (which can help increase milk production in breastfeeding mothers). 


 Here are some delish ways to cook with cumin in your home: