The Car Booster Seat that Outshines All Others



Buy it: Britax Pinnacle 90 ClickTight UltimateComfort Series Booster Car Seat

I recently had the task (ordeal) of looking for a car booster seat for my son. We tried to keep the toddler seat going for a bit longer, really we did, but as a mother of a tall child you get used to having to buy things sooner then your wallet would prefer.

So my search began. I studied every seat out there. I knew I wanted three key features to this new seat. For starters I wanted a booster seat that still had a safety feature that toddler and infant seats have, which is harness support. The second is side support; you know, that padding that is a bit like having an airbag bubble around your child’s head. A must. Third, it had to be easy to install.

And I found it! We ended up with the Pinnacle ClickTight. Here are some of my pros and cons to owning it, with the pros winning and this being a great pick for our family. 


  1. Easy to install. I hate installing, and if anyone should be testing car seats it’s city moms. We are always getting into different cars and taxis, and I find it takes less then two minutes for me to install. Precious time when you have cars honking behind you.
  2. The straps stay put. No loosey goosey straps here. With our last seat there was barely enough strap for my son’s height, and I had to force the straps around him. These fall flat, and there is plenty of room for growth.
  3. The car seat can be converted to a belt-positioning seat.
  4. My son loves it; he thinks the cup holders are cool and tells me he feels comfortable in it, while he has always complained about his seats prior to this one. 


  1. It’s not cheap, yet for the peace of mind it affords me it is worth it.
  2. It is heavy, and as an urban mom who has to carry the seat regardless of weather—meaning snow storms—it can be burdensome. However, the easy to install makes up for the heavy load. Plus, I consider it exercise, so it is a win-win.

Get the Britax Pinnacle 90 ClickTight UltimateComfort Series Booster Car Seat at Toys ‘r’ Us.

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