5 Tips for Winter-Proofing Your Home


If last winter’s polar vortex taught me anything, it was to be prepared early this winter. In fact, I’ve already started ‘project weather proof’ on my home. Here’s how you can get prepared too:

1. Repair drafts. You’ll save up to 15 percent on heating costs, according to Weather.com. Fix gaps and small holes with caulking (it’s around $25 for caulk and a gun). Seal small drafts with weather stripping, in which you use an adhesive tape (see how it’s done).


2. Cover your outlets. Cold air can also seep into your home via your outlets. But, in about an hour you can install outlet sealers throughout your home for less than $8.

3. Upgrade your water heater. Wrap it to keep heat from escaping; you can DIY with a special blanket and kit (here’s a tutorial). And, install a water heater tank booster, which will deliver cold water to the tank while keeping the temperature to a germ-killing 140 degrees — and help satisfy hot water demands longer, according to Margaret Watters of Home Depot.

4. Use your ceiling fans. Yes, even during cold weather. Bobvila.com recommends running your ceiling fans in a clockwise direction to move warm air from the ceiling to the floor.

5. Replace your regular light bulbs with LED bulbs. Energy-saving, cost-cutting LED bulbs can be purchased in different degrees of brightness, but the main point of using them is to cut energy costs.

Photo: Getty