5 Photo Apps Every Parent Needs

Scroll through any mom’s camera roll, and in between all those pics of coffee and cocktails, you’ll of course find lots and lots and LOTS of pics of her kids. Our babies are cute! Our kids are funny! Our teens are *sniff* getting so grown up! Composition and lighting are all up to you, but with these five photo apps, you can make your pictures of your kids even better:

If you want to eliminate the unsightly:

Easy Eraser


Easy Eraser(iOS, free) Don’t you hate when you finally capture a perfect smile on one of your kids—and then notice you also got the corner of that big dumpster in the background? Or a sibling photobombing bunny ears? With a little help from the Easy Eraser, you can eliminate the unsightly additions to your photos without sacrificing that sweet smile you finally snapped. Despite what the app description claims, I’ve had the best luck with this app when erasing smaller items (a.k.a. not for deleting your ex from a great shot of you). 

If you never want to miss a moment: 

SuperBurst Camera

SuperBurst Camera – (iOS, $1.99) A fleeting baby smile. The winning kick. That adorable attempt of your toddler to high-five a friend. These quick kid moments can be hard to capture—unless you have the SuperBurst Camera app. Tap the shutter button while your phone starts continuously snapping pics—up to 240 photos per second (!) on the iPhone 6 and 120 per second on the iPhone 5. When you’re done, pick the perfect shot you want to save and trash the rest. Or save all of them as a fast, slow, or regular speed video clip—and never miss the moment again!

If you want to make your star stand out: 

Color Splash

Color Splash – (iOS, $0.99) Sometimes at the swim meet, science fair, or school play, you’d like to make your kid stand out from her surroundings. With the Color Splash app, you can give your photos a dramatic look by keeping parts in colors (like your adorable star!) while converting the rest of the pic to black and white. The app is simple to use and helps you highlight your favorite feature of the photo.

If you want to get in the pictures with your kids:


TimerCamer – (iOS, free) Confession time—how many shots are there on your phone with you AND your kids? I know I’m guilty of usually being behind the lens. Selfies aside, help you be a part of the photo memories with this free timer app. Choose from 1–15 seconds, and it works with the camera facing either direction. It’s easy to use and free and will ensure there’s photo proof of you being there with your kiddos. (Or, of course, you can take a great picture of yourself with an apple…)

If you want to get really creative:


Pho.to Lab – (iOS, free) Time to get creative! Do you know how many parenting points you’ll get if you put your kid’s head on Luke Skywalker, hanging next to the Beibster, on an adorable cat, or gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated? Available both online and as an app, you and your kids will have a blast playing and creating with the fun features of Pho.to Lab. Add backgrounds, celebrities, funny hats, filters, monster features, and more—you can even put your face on money!

What’s your favorite photo app?

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