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Techie Tips for Moms: Speeding Up Your PC

We’ve all been there; when you first get a new PC or laptop it runs quickly, yet over time things just seem to slow down. Here are some easy ways of speeding up your PC to give it that boost you need.

Maintenance is key!

The first step is to remember to maintain your computer regularly, diarizing if you are likely to forget. Windows computers come with a whole host of built-in maintenance tools, and a quick run of the disk cleaner and defragmenter will give a boost of speed, as will going through your installed software and removing any you no longer use. However, there is more you can do. Currently the tool CCleaner is very much held in high esteem in the tech world and can be downloaded here for both Windows and Mac. It does a much more thorough job of removing unwanted files than tools that come as part of your operating system. Also, it can stop unwanted programs from loading when your computer first starts up (it’s always an idea to Google things on its start-up list, though, to make sure you’re not about to disable something essential to your computer!), uninstall old software, and speed up the registry, which is the part of your computer’s memory that stores a lot of information about where all your programmes, drivers, and so on are saved.

Scan, scan, scan

Sometimes even the best of us can pick up unwanted files when browsing the internet, so it’s important to occasionally scan your system for software known as spyware or malware, as these can slow your system down as they silently track your behaviour. There are numerous tools that can clear any infections, two of the highest rated being Ad-Aware and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. It’s generally a good idea to have two scanning tools installed on your computer, as what can be missed by one is usually picked up by the other.

Graphics tweaks

Later versions of Windows have some very nice visual effects, but these can waste a lot of processing power for low end computers or netbooks. To turn off these visuals in Windows 7, go to Control Panel and search for “Performance Information and Tools.” Click on “Adjust Visual Effects” and select the “Adjust for best performance” option in the box that pops up. The results may not look as sleek, but it will result in your system running faster!

Time to upgrade?

A lot of tech-minded people appreciate the upgradability of desktop PCs (and indeed some laptop designs!), and this is partly due to having the ability to tweak the insides of their computer if things get sluggish. A RAM upgrade is a simple, effective, and good value way to put a spring in the step of an aging PC, and there are many online guides and how-to videos on YouTube that will show you how to go about it, although if you’re still uncertain about doing this yourself there’s no harm in asking for help!

After one or more of the tricks listed above you ought to see some improvement in the speed of your PC, and of course the internet is filled with help and advice forums and sites if things still are on a go-slow. Hopefully, though, your slow down can be cured and you’ll soon have your computer running just fine!

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