Hi-Tech Meets Handmade

Hi-Tech Meets Handmade

Sure, we live in a hi-tech world, but thankfully we also live in a handmade one. The marriage of craftsmanship and technology is one of the most interesting and innovative partnerships around, as witnessed by this roundup of finds from Etsy.

When searching for anything handmade—be it bags or baby gear—Etsy is our first stop on the Web. It offers a seemingly limitless selection of handcrafted items by artisans from around the globe, and the products range from mainstream to outrageous and everywhere in between.

One tip for shopping on Etsy: always look at how long the shop has been in business and what the reviews are, so you know you’re getting quality goods.

Our recent browse through Etsy turned up a wealth of unique tech accessories. Take a look at 15 wonderful ways the computer age is being interpreted by a cool collection of artists and crafters.

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