ThisLife: The Best Home For Videos & Photos

I don’t know about you, but organizing family photos and videos has been a challenge for me.


I have photos and videos on different cell phones, different computers, different hard drives, and different websites. In other words, my photo and video organization is pretty much non-existent.

However, now that I have discovered ThisLife, my photos are soon to be totally organized in my very own online personal library of photos and videos. ThisLife gathers and organizes all of your photos and videos into one searchable place, keeping them safe. Since my iPhone is super-glued to my hand, I am constantly taking pictures of the kids at home, at the park, in the pool and of course every single bottle of wine that I try. So needless to say, I have a lot of photos. Now with ThisLife, I can store ALL of my pictures in ONE place.

Check out the awesome features of ThisLife ~

  • Import photos from your computer, camera, iPhone, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, SmugMug, Picasa, Shutterfly, or Kodak.
  • Facial Recognition: ThisLife recognizes faces so that you can easily find all of your photos of a specific person.
  • Organize photos by person, place, and activity.
  • Shared Account: You can easily share an account with your husband so that both of your iPhone photos or from social networks end up safely in your ThisLife account.
  • iPhone and iPad App: Download the ThisLife app and take your library of photos everywhere you go!
  • Safety: All of your photos and video are stored in the “Cloud” powered by Amazon forever so you never have to worry about spilling your coffee (or wine) on your hard drive or phone and lose all of your precious photos!
  • ThisLife is 100% private so you have the power to share what you want.
  • Pick a plan that is right for you! Store anywhere from 1000 photos to 50,000 photos! And if you need even more storage, ThisLife’s fabulous customer service team will work with you.

Sounds awesome right? What better time than summer to check out ThisLife when we are constantly capturing all of those wonderful childhood summer memories?!