Breast Cancer Awareness Apps

This month you can take part in National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a variety of apps that focus on the cause.


The National Breast Cancer Foundation provides Breast Cancer: Beyond the Shock as a resource and support for those who have been diagnosed with the disease. The Keep a Breast Foundation has created an app to educate women on how to perform self-checks and provide an automatic monthly reminder when it's time for your check. Daisy Wheel was created by the Get In Touch Foundation and their focus is on educating girls between 5th-12th grade about the importance of doing self-checks. The Your Man Reminder takes Breast Cancer awareness and thinks outside the box! This app has you pick your ideal man and he shows up on your phone with a reminder when it's time to perform your monthly self-check. With the Touch to Give app you can donate directly to the Breast Cancer Network and several other charities.  Finally, looking past October, the Awareness Month app will tell you what awareness events are celebrated nationally each month. With the exception of Awareness Month all of these apps are free.

  1. Breast Cancer: Beyond the Shock
  2. Keep a Breast
  3. Daisy Wheel
  4. Your Man Reminder
  5. Touch to Give
  6. Awareness Month