Top 6 BBQ Apps


Top 6 BBQ AppsI used to think that all BBQ was created equal and I never understood why so many books, tools and television shows were devoted to this form of cooking. How hard can it be I thought?


You put on the charcoal or turn on the gas, throw down the meat and let it cook? Then I tried to cook meat other than hot dogs on our grill and it’s become quite obvious that I lack the patience and finesse required to create good BBQ.  I now  leave the grilling to my husband. Whether you’re a grill master or BBQ beginner there are plenty of apps available to help make your summer delicious.

Weber’s On the Grill

Texas Monthly BBQ Finder

GrillStar – BBQ Timer & Guide

Burger Recipes: The Ultimate Collection

Southern Living Big Book of BBQ

Grill-It! XL (iPad)