9 Hilarious Cat Videos You MUST See

Need a little feline frenzy? Luckily, the internets abound with clips of cute cats frozen forever in time for your viewing pleasure. Pet owners never tire of sharing videos of their feral friends, so why not take a peek and let your crazy-cat-lady flag fly? Here's your five minute break for the day—kick back and watch yourself some kitty:

Cat Concerto

This classically-trained kitty gets groovy.

Ping Pong Pro Kitty

This champion is ready to go pro with these impressive table tennis skills.

Chopstick Kitty

With purr-fest table manners, this cat is dinner party ready.

Me-OW Massage Therapy

With a meowing masseuse, who needs a trip to the spa? Just watch the claws!

Cat vs. Leg

Anyone else worried about the human in this video? Just sayin'.


Jumping is for jack rabbits—this feline prefers to slide.

Pussy Cat Pool Panic

Funny or sadistic? You decide.

Cat Nap

Worse than a teenager, this sleepy kitty wants five more minutes, MOM!

Cat in the Box

Less expensive than a new toy and miles more entertaining. Your Christmas list is done. (But, not really.)