Kids and Pets

Puppies and Kittens, Oh No!

Still, for over a year, the kids have been on a mission to get a “real” pet. Apparently, while they like our goldfish, they’re not as entertaining as, say, a puppyOr, as they found out last weekend, a kittenTruly there is nothing sweeter than your babies holding furry bundles of feline or canine cuteness, but as sweet as it is, I’ve turned into the “mean mommy” and insist on saying no.

To tell the truth, it’s in large part to the sheer number of people, fowl, aquatic, and plant life I’m already trying to keep alive. I’m not sure I can handle another addition to our already full home.

Kids, though, don’t seem to understand when they’re holding a kitten that those kitten grow into cats who will use our garden boxes as litter boxes, might enjoy a nice chicken dinner, and will enjoy sharpening their claws on our furniture. When the pet the wet nose of a wiggly puppy, they don’t understand that puppies, like babies, require around-the-clock care, whimper when they’re lonely, chew on everything in sight, and have a habit of growing into larger than predicted dogs.

As I try to outline these worries, they look up at me with wide eyes filled with infactuation and smiles filled with hope. I feel like the evilest of mommies, the uncoolest of moms, the most practical of parents.

Thankfully, there’s “maybe” as in, “Maybe one day…”

Have you had to put the kibosh on puppy love?

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