Fun Furry Fridays: Piano Lessons Dog Video

DOG CAT BIRD RABBITIt's Friday and we've made it through another week of errands, homework and after school activities! By the end of the week I am run down to say the least and am always looking for a quick pick me up to get my weekend started off right.


I have a penchant for all things furry, even some that aren't furry…oh come on, I'm talking cows, lizards or elephant type of non furry. For a while now a friend and I have had an unspoken contest: who can find the "smile of the day" which escalated into "laugh of the day". As I was spamming my whole contact list Friday with one particularly funny clip, I thought that I am probably not the only person out there looking for a laugh to end the week on a high note. So if you are weirdly attracted to cats in hats and dogs doing backflips be sure to check in every Friday to catch the latest and greatest "laugh, bark, and meow of the week".

To get the ball rolling I thought we would start out with the dreaded piano practice. Be sure to have the sound on to get the full effect…enjoy and have a doggone good weekend.

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