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This Is Why I Decorate For Christmas Before Thanksgiving

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There’s a group of people in this world who acknowledge Christmas before Thanksgiving. There are lots of us and we can’t help it; as soon as Halloween is over we declare it’s the Christmas season and it’s time to bust out the garlands, stocking, and bows. This really pisses people off.

But I am not one of those people.

As a little girl, my parents didn’t get our tree until the second week in December. Then on New Years’ Eve it came down and for me, it was always the worst day of the year. I would be filled with sadness as I striped our dead tree that was drier than my hair after a bad bleach job of its ornaments and watch my dad take it outback and burn it.

A Few Weeks Of Holiday Decorations Isn’t Enough

It was never enough time to enjoy the holiday cheer  and I wanted more. I vowed one day, standing in the middle of our naked living room seeing nothing but dust in the air and a few brown needles, I would celebrate and decorate for Christmas and spread the damn festivities out for a longer period of time when I was older.

And I have done that. In fact, decorating for Christmas whenever I want is one of my favorite parts of being an adult.

I started by putting my tree up the day after Thanksgiving and decorating my first apartment with pine bows and berries I’d find on the side of the road. I stocked up on Christmas lights and would feel the magic ooze out of my apartment under the glow of the lights.

I’d wake up every morning before work and plug them in before I could even see straight. There was something about my Christmas decorations that made getting up and going to work easier.

I did this until my first son was born despite my husband’s grunting about how it was too early for such nonsense and could I please turn off the damn Christmas music?

But it wasn’t enough. I wanted more time wrapped in nostalgia, twinkle lights, and cinnamon scented candles. So, I started pulling our my sparkly ornaments, faux fur throws and pillows the weekend before Thanksgiving.

And it feels just right.

I Still Acknowledge Thanksgiving

Just because my house looks like a snow globe it doesn’t mean I don’t celebrate or acknowledge Thanksgiving. I mean, why can’t I enjoy a turkey leg and stuffing while looking at a sparkly tree? To me, Thanksgiving and Christmas can be celebrated in one big, happy bundle.

Also, there’s no such thing as Thanksgiving music so why not blast some Kenny G Christmas while serving the pumpkin pie?

The way I see it, Christmas is a season and Thanksgiving is one day. Seasons come and go too quickly and I want to savor the happiness for as long as possible before we go into a long, dark, bleak, non-sparkly winter.

People Who Decorate For Christmas Early Are Happier

It’s been proven people who decorate for Christmas early are happier people. And I believe it. There is nothing that satisfies my soul like hanging the stockings and sending out packages and making cookies.

My house and my mood is better when I’m greeted by a twinkling tree every morning, and I can sit in the dark and night and stare at the lights until they become of blur of magic.

And you can’t tell me it doesn’t warm your heart to drive home from work and see front porches lit up and wreaths on the front door and a giant snowmen waving to you.

Yes I acknowledge Thanksgiving– by eating a shit ton of food and looking at my gorgeous tree and advent calendar I spent an entire day making. Those of us who decorate for Christmas early do it be cause it makes us extremely chipper, and some of us need that boost because life seems to always deliver bad news.

And you know what doesn’t deliver bad news? Pinecones and glitter and ornaments you’ve had since your were 3.

So leave us alone and stop with your negativity about how some people like to decorate their home early. You are welcome to eat your drumstick without Christmas in the background, but I’m telling you, it’s way more fun to be all decorated for the season and enjoy it over the long Thanksgiving weekend.

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