Baby Girl Nursery

10 Stunning Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

I’ve designed a baby girl nursery a time or two in my life. When I think about the baby girl room ideas I saw around the time I had my first daughter, everything was still pastels and pink for girls. There weren’t a lot of examples of nurseries that bucked the traditional decor and design ideas. Since this was my first kid, I copied what I saw and didn’t really rock the interior decor boat.

By the time I had my second child, there were way more inspiring baby girl room ideas out there. Instead of nurseries being stereotypical one-offs in a home, they were more sophisticated, stylish, and cohesive with the rest of the home’s decor than.

Looking for nursery ideas to compliment your bohemian, modern, or whimsical home decor? I’ve rounded up  some unbelievable baby girl nursery ideas. Check them out, and get inspired!

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10 Stunning Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

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