12 Baby Room Ideas That Will Totally Inspire You

I just welcomed my second daughter last month, and researching baby room ideas for her nursery was one of the most exciting parts about preparing for her arrival. Baby rooms should be comfortable and highly functionally — but like a lot of moms, I wanted the details to beautifully reflect our taste.

When shopping around Pinterest, blogs, Instagram, and design magazines for baby room ideas ideas, I was overwhelmed by how creative and fun modern nurseries can be. Gone are the days of picking out a “set” somewhere and throwing it together; today’s baby rooms are cohesive yet surprising. And of course, filled with personal meaning.


Themes are still prevalent, but they’re less heavy-handed than back when my mom was decorating our nurseries. A theme now is more like a spot of inspiration around which an entire concept develops and grows.

Designing your child’s nursery? Check out my round-up of baby room ideas, from sophisticated neutrals to full-on girly fun.

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12 Baby Room Ideas That Will Totally Inspire You