6 Nursery Room Buys That Instagrammers Flip Out Over

Okay, so I’m going to say something pretty controversial. Are you ready? I mean, you might want to sit down on something. All good? Well, here goes: Your baby doesn’t care what the nursery room looks like. That handmade bunting on the wall? Can’t see it. Those insanely soft cot sheets? Can’t feel ‘em through the baby blanket. That extraordinary sculpted cot? To them, it basically doesn’t exist.

So, here’s the thing. The nursery is for you. It’s a space for you to get inspired; to flex your interior design muscles and make a truly wonderful nest that will comfort and support you through those first few crazy years of parenthood. In contrast, you know who really cares about your nursery steez? Instagram. Mums on Instagram are freaking nuts for cute kids’ rooms. And if you’re keen to win at the #nursery game by posting ridiculously rad pics of your snuggledom, here are the six key baby room buys that’ll send the likers wild. Check them out in the slideshow.


More beautiful nurseries to get clucky over:

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