Entry Doors that make a Knockout First Impression

Images: crestviewdoors.com

Remember how annoying it was when your mom used to preach to you about the importance of making a good first impression? Well, maybe she had the right idea.

A couple years ago I bought a “fixer upper” and I’ve spent the last two years slowly breathing new life into the place. There’s something really rewarding about taking a sad, neglected property and lovingly transforming it into something really great that you get to enjoy every day. Not to mention that it can also become a decent investment too, if you buy it right.

Just about the time I was starting to feel like my place was finally beginning to pull together and all my hard work was paying off, I had a rude awakening. I had just returned home with my arms full of groceries and was leaning against my front doors, fumbling to find my keys when it suddenly hit me in the face how tired and beat looking my entry doors were. I had been so busy working on the inside of my house, that this was the first time I had taken an objective look at how truly awful my exterior entry doors were.

I know this is a somewhat embarrassing materialistic observation to point out at a time when our country has a lot bigger problems than focusing on my stupid entry doors. But I’ll make the assumption that if you’re reading this, you’ve probably logged more than a few hours pouring through websites like Apartment Therapy & Houzz because you care about stuff like this too.

Okay so now that we’ve bonded over our sick and shared obsession, I feel more comfortable moving on with my point. If you’re going to pour blood, sweat, tears and money into lovingly obsessing over the design details in your home, you should not underestimate how your entry doors look, since they provide the first impression into your home.

Depending on what your own situation is, it might require something as simple as simply refinishing your front doors. In my particular case, unfortunately my doors are not worth repairing. Plus I'm convinced that replacing my two solid wood doors with 2 new doors that feature some sort of glass will add lots more light into my home and that alone will more than justify the investment.

You already know I’m a big fan of mid-century modern, so if you’re ready to get inspired about some new exterior door ideas, check out a few examples of what Crestview Doors & Millwork has to offer.

Entry Doors 2

Images: crestviewdoors.com

Here are just 3 different examples of exterior Mid-century modern designs they offer. Left to right, the first on is called the Allandale, then the Lafayette and finally, the Fortuna at the far right. These doors are available in 5 different stain finishes of Espresso (as shown), Mocha, Honey, Cherry or Slate.

Enrty Doors 3

Image: crestviewdoors.com

Here’s a detailed image to give you an idea what the glass cutouts look like from both the inside and the outside of your home. You can choose from one of their standard designs off their website, or you can work with them directly to customize your own design and create something with a lot of punch, as shown in the first two images at the beginning of this post.