Furniture the Changes Along with Your Family

Investing in furniture can take a huge chunk out of your family's budget. So why not invest in versatile furnishings that will change and grow right along with your family?

I love the forward thinking and versatility found in these family-friendly designs made by Lovesac. They're so confident about their products, they even back them up with a lifetime guarantee and give you free shipping in either direction, so if you don’t absolutely love it, you can ship it back for free.


Their Sactionals are constructed with hardwood frames and connectors because they understand that quality is essential for making pieces that will be durable enough to withstand the daily wear and tear of a growing family.

You'll appreciate their real-world understanding that families often sleep, eat and spill on our furniture. So with all that in mind, they’ve designed stain-resistant furniture covers that can easily be washed in your home washing machine. And if you desire to change up your look season to season, they offer alternative slipcovers that can be changed out easily to give your furniture an instant makeover, but at a fraction of the cost of replacing your furnishings. Plus, the portability of Sactionals unique design configurations makes them super easy to assemble or take them apart to move from room to room or from house to house if you’re changing addresses.

Since you’ve already given in to the fact that your family’s going to be hanging out, eating and drinking in these super comfy Sactional “dens”, you’re definitely going to need a couple of LoveSac’s custom tables for holding drinks, books, games or remotes to help further promote your family nights.

Okay, so maybe there were some pretty weird hairstyles and strange clothing in the 70’s, but the coolness and comfort of the beanbag chair design somehow never goes out of style. Kids are always drawn towards sitting in them and they can easily move these KidSacs around themselves to get a better vantage point on whatever’s going on in the room. Choose from several different colors and buy one or buy several to have on hand when friends come over for play dates. With all these choices and configurations, furnishing your family's home just got a whole lot easier.