Paper Animal Lampshades

I have a huge appreciation for the work of creative minds, so I was really excited when I came across these cleverly designed DIY animal lampshades. They’re the collaborative work of Maik Perfahl and Wolfgang List from the design/sound/architecture collective in Vienna, Austria, that’s more commonly known as the group “mostlikely”. The original goal of this particular project was to develop complex objects at a low price that could be used as a lampshade, mask or whatever else you might think of. So now you get to reap the benefits of the brainstorming that developed this product!
The way these DIY lampshades work, is first you choose whichever object or design you like. And your choices are almost limitless, because almost any form you choose can be converted into a paper lampshade or mask. Then once you’ve chosen your form, a 3D computer model then transforms that shape onto a flat plan that then gets printed onto heavy paper. And that resulting printout then gets turned over to the customer (you!), who gets the fun of cutting, folding and gluing the parts together. How cool is that?
altWho doesn’t love the charm of a penguin? And since it’s next to impossible for most of us to own a real penguin, wouldn’t it be fun to at least have one illuminate a special corner in your living space?

altOr if you’re more of the woodsy, naturalist type and you find foxes to be amazing creatures, how fun would it be to have this fox head light up a tabletop or maybe even your favorite reading corner?

altAnd last, but not least, what cat enthusiast could resist adding this lampshade to their shrine of cat worshiping accessories?
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