Inspiring Outdoor Spaces

There’s no better time than summer to make good use of your outdoor spaces. My garden is a constant work in progress.


For local inspiration, I make sure to tour my friends’ homes and gardens collecting new design ideas and seeing what is growing well. And for a broader view of things, I like to scour great blogs and designers online. Here are a few great finds that are going straight onto my outdoor spaces inspiration board.

[Credit (L to R): AngieWilsonPhotography via StyleMePretty and HarwellPhotography via StyleFiles]

I love the romantic, organic, intimate and earthy feel of these two images. There is a real respect for nature and sense of peace that I’d love to achieve in a quiet nook of our garden.


[Credit: SaltwaterKids]

This image is so colorful, quirky and playful. The humor of it really suits me well. I like the multicolor variations on a theme in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

[Credit (L to R): SunsetIdeaHouse2011 via JetsonGreen and ForasStudio]

What drew me to these images is the sense of the unexpected in a somewhat traditional setting. The one on the left is a basic picnic table — but it has the contrast of textures (concrete and rustic wood) and a strip of small plantings down the center. On the right, it appears to be a simple patio table set up in a small lush garden — until you realize that it’s perched on an urban rooftop.

I know I won’t be able to recreate any of these designs exactly, but at least I’m getting closer to developing a coherent vision for our space.

First Image: Credit: InteriorDesignExploration]