Try This At Home-Lampshades Oh My

It is when I take all the lampshades off every lamp in my house and then try them on each lamp to come up with exciting new looks.  Lighting is the most overlooked aspect of decorating. It can make or break even the most beautifully decorated room.  We might swoon over the style of a lamp, but the majority of us don’t pay attention to the color cast of the shade when the light is on. Does it have a white, beige, or yellow cast when the light is turned on? 

Try it tonight and you will see what I am talking about.    If you have more than one lamp in a room, does each shade cast a different color?  Which color looks best in your room?   For continuity – you should try for all the same color cast in the room, with the exception of an opaque shade that only shines light up and down. This type of shade looks good mixed in a room with any shade color cast.

 After you try on a few shades for the color they cast as well as the shape and size, try different types of bulbs and wattages also. Bulbs cast off different colors, too.  Experiment until you find one that makes the most of your room and mood you are trying to create in the space.  You will be pleasantly surprised at what a difference it can make.

Lamps have harps with a screw on top for a finial.  If you have a bare bulb and want to use a finial you can use a bulb clip with a screw on top for the finial.  You can find parts like this at any lamp or lighting store or search online for them.  They are very inexpensive and let you use any shade on any lamp.


There are two different types of shades. When the shade has a criss-cross at the top with a small circle in the middle it needs a finial to fasten to the lamp.

The second type is where the shade has a larger hole and is in deep inside the shade. This type is attached right on top of the lamp socket.  The bulb has to be removed first.



1.        This is a classic white paper shade. It casts a white light.  It has a nice a nice shape for this lamp, but is too short.



2.        This one is an opaque shade where the light only goes up and down, not through the shade.  It works on the lamp.



3.        This is a small barrel shade. It is taupe linen and casts beige light. It is a nice shape and size for

the lamp.



4.        Here is an oblong shade that casts a yellow light.  It looks ok and works, but isn’t perfect.



5.       Another opaque shade. Way too short. You never want to see the bottom of the socket.   The shape is ok for the lamp though.



6.        This is a beige fabric shade in a square shape. It casts a yellow light.  It works with this lamp.



7.        A classic silk shade. It casts a white light. It looks ok – ordinary.



8.        A large white barrel shade. This is a modern and trendy right now. It casts off a white light.



9.       Large modern looking barrel shade in tan burlap. It casts beige light.  It looks a tad too big for the lamp, but I think it could work in a large space.



10.    Pyramidal shape emits white light.  The shape looks nice.



Which shade do you think came with the lamp?  Leave me a comment with your guess and I will reply to you with the answer.

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