Decorating With Fall Leaves

Decorating With Fall Leaves

It doesn't get more festive than decorating with fall leaves. Here are some easy ideas to inspire you!


  1. Doorway garland from Country Home
  2. DIY hanging leaves from Martha Stewart
  3. Pressed leaves from Country Living
  4. Apples in a basket from
  5. DIY leaf wreath from Sunset
  6. Leaf garland project from Home Decorating Coach

Forget those kitschy faux leaf arrangements from the discount stores – use real fall leaves to add warmth, texture, and seasonal decor to your home! Take a quick walk around your neighborhood, fill a bag with colorful fallen leaves, and you're ready to get started. Garlands and wreaths are super-lovely ways to add great accents to both the indoors and out, and pressing leaves between wax paper or behind a frame are easy ways to bring nature inside. Simply end up with a few striking leaves after a stroll with the family? Fill a bowl with apples and stick the leaves in among the fruit. No matter how you use them, fall leaves add a natural, homey vibe to your surroundings.

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