Big Kid Nurseries

Big Kid Nursery

Unless you can redecorate every couple of years, you'll want to design a nursery that can grow up with your child.

Nursery featured at Apartment Therapy

If you already have little ones, then you know that they don’t stay little for long. It seems that with the blink of an eye, that nursery you put together with so much love and care doesn’t quite fit your growing boy or girl. To make the most out of your nursery, plan ahead. The key is to decorate for growth, opting for details that aren’t too baby specific.


If you choose to paint the walls a non-neutral, keep in mind how that color will feel in 5 years. Some shades of blue may be difficult to work with when your little boy wants to be a big boy. Choose a shade that feels young, rather than one that screams newborn. Also, it’s best to use egg shell or satin paints as they are much easier to clean than flat paint, leaving you with a much longer lasting paint job. 



It’s simple to switch out bedding as your baby grows. It’s not as easy to change beds. Luckily, many cribs are convertible, meaning they can be converted into a toddler bed usually by removing one of the sides of the crib. This is great for the budget conscious mom who doesn’t want to purchase a toddler bed in between the crib and the twin bed. Another option once the crib is outgrown: Go straight to a twin bed and attach some guard rails.


Convertible Crib from Oeuf


Changing Tables

If you’re surfing Craigslist for furniture, you will find a plethora of changing tables for sale. Before their child is even a year old, many moms find themselves changing their baby on the floor. The good news is that a regular dresser can be used as a changing table when babies are still relatively immobile. Just place a changing pad on the dresser alongside a little basket filled with diapers and wipes. The top drawer can be used for additional changing storage and subsequent drawers can still be used for clothing.

If you do want a formal changing table, Desire to Inspire has some great ideas for how to convert your changing table into a new piece of furniture once its primary function is no longer needed.


Empty Space

It’s more than okay to have some empty space in the nursery. If you fill it up before the baby is even born, there will be no room for items he will acquire over the first few years of his life. As he grows there will be more books, clothes, and toys. There will be many more stuffed animals so be sure to set aside some shelves or drawers for the future.

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