Outdoor Planters

I love planters over flowing with my favorite flowers and like to keep herbs growing in an easy to reach outdoor area so they are easy to clip when I need them for cooking.   Here are nine unique and easy to make planters and vases that will grace any outdoor space- all made by simply re-purposing ordinary items.


1. Create chevron planters with scrap wood and paint.  91204

2. Paint juice cans in your favorite colors. Display a collection of them to create impact. Dos Family

3. Paint and pile old tires to create a large and colorful display of flowers. Inspire Bohemia

1. Fit concrete blocks together to fit your space. Fill the holes with soil to grow succulents or herbs. Remodelista

2. Strap canning jars to old wood to create a wall hanging planter to grow herbs.  Not Just A Housewife

3. Mount a pallet on a wall to fill with potting herbs. Life On The Balcony

1. You can pick up old chandeliers at thrift stores for a few dollars. Re-purpose one to use as a unique hanging planter. Modish

2. Use hooks and chain bought at the hardware store to hang a colander. Inspire Bohemia

3. Snip the tops off of light bulbs. Wrap wire around neck to hang from tree branches to create pretty hanging vases.  Pinterest

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