DIY Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon

DIY Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

One of my sweetest, party-lovingest friends is pregnant, and she really wants a fun way to find out whether the new baby will be a boy or girl. The doctor gave her an envelope with the sex of the baby written on paper, and I’ll be the only one who knows before the big bash. If you ask me, a gender reveal is the perfect occasion to shoot colorful confetti cannons into the air. Right? Right! Did I mention this super cute gender reveal cannon is made from a toilet paper (or paper towel) roll and a balloon? No? Well, it is, and it couldn’t be easier.

DIY Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons



Let’s get ready to make it rain gender-hued confetti up in here! 


  • our Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon printable
  • toilet paper tube (or paper towel tube cut to size)
  • balloons
  • scissors
  • gender-hued confetti
  • transparent tape


Step 1: Using scissors, cut the neck off of a balloon and discard. Pull the remaining bottom of the balloon onto one end of a toilet paper tube. The balloon should be on as high as it can go to create a taut surface.

DIY Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons | Shauna Younge

Step 2: Print our Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon printable, and cut just inside the guide lines. Wrap the label around the balloon and toilet paper tube, and adhere with transparent tape.

Step 3: Cut scrapbook paper in your preferred color palette or use store-bought confetti to fill your cannon. Layer the confetti to conceal the gender-hued pieces. For example, fill the cannon with the blue or pink first, then add a thick layer of gold or gender neutral confetti on top to ensure that the first layer isn’t visible.

DIY Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons | Shauna Younge

Step 4: Display each cannon standing up on the balloon end until guests are ready to fire them. To fire, simply pull back the balloon and release it to create a burst of confetti.

DIY Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

Images by Shauna Younge of Sweet Tooth



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