Make Your Summer BBQ Kid Friendly with These Simple Tips

Summer barbecues are the best! Especially when it’s something the whole family can enjoy—even the kids! It can be tricky to plan a summer barbecue that the kids will find fun and entertaining. But it’s not impossible! There are a few things that you can do during your preparation to make sure the kids have a blast at your party right along with their parents. Here are just a few summer barbecue tips to help you get the kids involved in the party and having a great time!

kid friendly 05

Have plenty of activities! Think outdoor games and activities since the party will be outside. A great variety of things to do will help keep their attention longer and keep them happy, too! Oh, and the parents will be pretty thrilled to have a few moments to talk amongst themselves. Some summer BBQ ideas for activities are sidewalk chalk, water games, finger painting, bubbles, etc. It’s all good!

kid friendly 02

Kid-friendly food! This is a huge must. If you have food that kids don’t normally like (e.g., egg salad) then you are going to have a hard time getting the kids to eat much of anything. Try and have some menu items that kids will love too! These mini hot dogs would be the perfect thing. Not only are they small and adorable, but who doesn’t love a hot dog? 


Fun decorations like these will go a long way to making the party a lot more fun for the kids. Think colorful, bold, and bright! Some balloons would be perfect! Get a bunch of one thing to make a big impact, and the kids will go crazy for them. No matter what it is! 

More Party Ideas:

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