The Invite List

Joseph’s school has a crazy rule:

If a child wants to invite anyone from his class to his birthday party, he must invite everyone in his class.


On the one hand, I get it. I do. No one wants to be that one child who’s not invited to a party. On the other hand, there are 32 kids in his class.

Yes. Thirty two.

Granted, they’re divided into two smaller classes, but they share the classroom for about ninety minutes a day meaning there are kids in each of the smaller classes with whom Joseph is friends. And there are kids from each of the smaller classes he’d like to invite to his birthday.

Which means, according to the class rules, I need to invite all the kids.

All 32 of them.

Some of the parents have gotten around this by sneaking invites into backpacks before they pick their child up from school. After all, the backpacks are all hanging in a row along the wall, just waiting for an invite to be slipped in.

Of course, those parents pick up their own kids. This means, I need to get a list of kids from his class and then try to talk his grandparents into breaking the rules and sneaking past the Kindergarten gate – the one that says “Do Not Enter” – and stick invites in the appropriate bag.

All my life I’ve followed the rules to the best of my ability. Who knew it was going to be Kindergarten that created a rebel?

What do you do about the “invite one, invite them all” rule?