Printable AUGUST Calendar for Mums

Each month we bring you an A4 printable calendar for you to download and print to help you simplify and organise the month ahead. There’s room for adding your own activities plus loads of ideas to help you have the best month possible.

This month’s calendar is full of dinner ideas, activities and ways to connect with family and friends.


Featured dinner ideas

One-Dish Cider Roast Chicken – a moist, tender chicken dish you can prep in less than 30 minutes and make in one pan.

One-Tray Lamb Bake – ditto this lamb bake, which you can pull together in 10 minutes flat.

One Pot Chicken and Tomato Pasta –  another one ready in 10 minutes, this pasta bursts with the fresh flavours of capsicum and tomato.

Good-For-You Fish Fingers –  an easy way to get the kids wolfing down fish.

And treats for the lunch box

Healthy Chocolate Slice – made using crumbled brown rice cakes, this is a chocolate crackle with a difference.

Banana Sushi – serve up the cute with this idea for making bananas into something fun.

Featured activities for the kids

Recycling Box Craft Time – no fuss and super-creative for kids of any age.

Microwave Play Dough – you won’t believe how quick this dough is to make.

Nature Collage and Art Activity – head out on a walk and collect petals, leaves, twigs, grass – anything that takes the kids fancy.

Backyard Obstacle Course – these are fun to put together and even more fun to do. Grab the timer to add an extra layer of excitement.

Drawing prompts

Giving the kids a drawing prompt is the easiest way we know to keep them occupied and creative. This month’s drawing prompts are:

  1. something funny
  2. magical forest
  3. pet
  4. elephant
  5. pineapple
  6. family,
  7. giant slide
  8. playground
  9. best friend
  10. igloo
  11. robot
  12. princess
  13. bubble festival
  14. happy bear

Ideas for bringing family and friends together

Finally, making time for each other is so important and this month we suggest:

Heading out for a walk after dinner – because it’s the simple things that we remember to make a habit.

Calling an old friend for a catch up – don’t let everyday life take over from what (or who) is important.

Playing a game of cards with the familySnap is a good place to start, but these games are also fun for kids:

  1. Old Maid
  2. Go Fish
  3. Spit
  4. Slapjack
  5. Kings Corners

Inviting a couple of mates over for some afternoon cheers – or cheers! Sometimes it can be daunting having friends with their kids over to play. The best way to approach it is to have a few outdoor games ready to go for the kids OR contain the action in one room of your home.

Switching off the TV  – take time out from your favourite shows to have a good old natter with your man.

Enjoy your August!

Click the image below to download and print your August 2016 Mumtastic Calendar for Mums

August 2016 Mumtastic Calendar for Mums

Add these recipes to your August meal plan:

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