How to Conquer the “Smelly Boy” Bathroom…for Good

smelly boy bathroom sign with boy with goggles on

When it comes to boys and bathrooms, the situation can get super smelly SUPER FAST. Sometimes I don’t know what my son does in there. Is he even aiming into the toilet at all? At times, there are huge puddles on the floor. Other times, there are sprinkles all over the seat (and no, he doesn’t even lift it).


boy standing in front of toilet

Here are my top 3 tips for how we keep our bathroom odor-free:

  1. At least once a week, I wipe everything down with bleach wipes and spray it with an antibacterial spray, including the bottom of the bowl and the crevices behind the seat.
  2. In addition to the floor, I wipe down the walls/cabinets/trash cans next to the toilet, because those are sure to receive occasional splashes as well.
  3. My husband had a great idea of leaving a couple of paper towels beneath the bowl to absorb any misses. Each night before we go to bed, we throw them away.

toilet with target

No matter how many times my husband and I talk to our son about the smelly bathroom and make him wipe it up himself, nothing changes. So, we decided to make a game out of it. I have a small resealable container of O-shaped cereal near the toilet. When it’s time to go, my son, who loves to play pirates, throws a couple in and tries to sink them with his stream. Bombs away!

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