24 Ways You’re Wasting Time Cleaning Your House

By no means am I the Queen of Clean. Let’s just say I used to be the Court Jester of Clean, and then once I had kids, I begrudgingly climbed my way up to Duchess status.

So, as the Duchess of Clean, I can now tell you that you’re doing it all wrong! Ha. But really, please read on and take advantage of these tips—mostly garnered by querying my mom-friends over the past few years and doing Google searches (“how to clean up a glitter mess”).

Some seem like a no-brainer, but who wants to waste time cleaning? Not me, nor my kids, that’s for sure. We’d rather be making glitter messes, natch!

There are 24 ways you’re probably wasting time cleaning your house. Check them out in the slideshow above, and let me know: Are you guilty of committing any of these time-sucks?

More Cleaning Hacks:

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