Tricks or Treats? 6 Fall Must-Dos to Love & Loathe this Season

Fall is by far my favorite time of the year, and just like Halloween, the entire season is full of tricks and treats. With the changing of the leaves comes a slew of home maintenance needs and cleaning jobs. But you also get to start breaking out your favorite sweaters and drinking pumpkin spice lattes, so it’s a trade off. You never know if each day you are going to be greeted by a trick or a treat, but here’s to a fall season full of both. Here’s what to expect this fall season:


Trick: Cleaning out your gutters

After the first rains of the season and leaves collecting on your roof, it’s time to clean out your gutters before your trees lose all of their leaves for winter. It’s best to get it done early so that your gutters can run clean all winter long. It’s a dirty job, so wear gloves and maybe even a mask to protect your lungs. I usually head up on the roof with a leaf blower to clear everything out rather than risk crawling by the gutters to do it by hand. 

Treat: Halloween candy

It’s the most literal of treats this season, because there is usually a ton of candy lying around all October long. Whether you are stocking up to hand out to kids on Halloween, or just stealing some of your own kid’s loot, the fall is the best time to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Trick: Flush your water heater and change your filters

Each year you should do a check on your water heater and air conditioning unit. It will depend on your exact model of water heater whether you need to flush it for sediment and minerals, but it’s a good idea to make sure it is running at peak efficiency for the colder months ahead. As for your A/C unit, after running it all summer long, now is the perfect time to check your filters and replace them. No need to wait until spring for a little spring cleaning. 

Treat: Comfort food

Fall is a great time of year for warm, cozy eats. It’s time for butternut squashpumpkin bread, and hearty meals. I can finally start to make my favorite stew recipe in the slow cooker and bake some homemade bread. 

Trick (or Treat!): All of the leaves falling, everywhere

This one depends on your situation whether it is a trick or a treat. Fall leaves are beautiful, and the changing colors make for some pretty idyllic afternoon walks around the neighborhood. But when those leaves are falling in your own yard and you have to spend hours cleaning them up, it really makes you curse the day that maple tree was planted. Tip: rake or blow leaves onto a tarp for easier cleanup!

Treat: Fall fashion

I used to have a pretty unhealthy obsession with buying jackets. I’ve curbed my outerwear spending habits, but I still love dressing for the fall weather. The weather is just chilly enough to require a cozy sweater or a lightweight jacket, but still warm enough to not need any hats or gloves. It is the best time of year!

What are some of your tricks or treats for the fall season?

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