Clean One Thing a Day in Your Bathroom and Never Clean on the Weekend Again: A 5 Day Plan

Follow these simple two-minute weekday tasks to keep your weekend bathroom cleaning to a minimum. You might even eliminate the weekend chore althogether when you mix in the kids following these steps in their own bathrooms! Keep all the supplies handy in your bathroom—under the sink or in a basket next to the toilet—to eliminate excuses. Heck, I even do some of these while brushing my teeth. I know, weird. But I’m the queen of multi-tasking! I keep this handy dandy printable taped to my mirror to remind me to clean one thing a day in the bathroom.

Monday: Mirrors

Mirrors are best cleaned with a window cleaner and good quality squeege. Spray the window cleaner on the mirror and wipe with a soft cloth. You aren’t wiping to dry, but to clean, so make sure to scrub where needed. While the mirror is still wet and starting from the top corner, squeege the surface from side to side. Wipe away any excess moisture that remains on the sides. Clean, streak-free mirrors are the key to making your bathroom feel clean.   


Tuesday: Sink and Faucet

Keep a conatianer of cleaning wipes in the cabinet below the sink. Scrub away any dried toothpaste on the sides and bottom of the bowl. Use a new wipe to clean the sides and top of the sink and rinse away with clean water. Use the same method to clean the countertops. Using a soft, damp cloth, wipe the faucet fixtures. Make sure you test the finish on your fixtures before using any abrasive cleaners.  

Wednesday: Toilet

Keep a toilet wand under the sink or hidden behind the toilet for easy access. Scrub the inside of the toilet, making sure to get underneath the lip of the rim. Replace the automatic toilet bowl cleaner if you use one. Use a cleaning wipe to wash away all the dust, hair, and debris from under the toilet seat. Lastly, wipe the seat, back of the lid, and tank to get it sparkling clean.

Thursday: Floor

Remove all the rugs and throw them right outside the door. Take a cleansing wipe and, using a sweeping motion with your hands, clean the floor. You might need to use two or three wipes depending on bathroom use and how large your space is. I always go over the floor again with a clean water-dampened paper towel to wash away any residue. While the floor is drying, take the rugs outside and give them a good shake. Replace the rugs once the floor is dry.

Friday: Shower

Keep a caddy in the shower dedicated to cleaning supplies. You can even hang a hook on the opposite wall of the shower head so it is extra handy and stays out of the way of your soap and shampoo. While showering, use a non-abrasive spray cleaner and sponge to wash away all the accumulated soap scum. Clean any soap dishes or dispensers. If you have glass shower doors, use the same method as the mirrors. Spray with window cleaner and squeege the moisture away for bright, clear glass.  

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