Product Review: Nicole’s Take on Angel Soft

Princess D (my darling daughter) and I love going to the beach! We try to go as often as we can, so my beach bag is always packed and ready to go in my trunk. I always bring the essentials:


  • goggles (my kid won’t swim without them)
  • sunblock
  • my daughter’s rash guard
  • beach towels
  • sandwich bags (for collecting seashells and anything wet)
  • sand buckets
  • water bottles
  • hand wipes
  • Angel Soft toilet paper

Most beaches we go to have those questionably sanitary porta-potties, and I’m one of those moms who wipes down and covers anything before my kids touch it. Hence, toilet paper is a must for my beach bag. Even if we do manage to find a real bathroom, the toilet paper provided is usually thin, rough and sometimes damp—if it’s even stocked at all.

So, why do I pack Angel Soft instead of any other toilet paper?

The 2-ply toilet paper is durable enough for those “just out of the ocean” bottoms and runny noses. It won’t melt in your hands like some other brands, and it’s not rough (like the sand already stuck in our bathing suit bottoms) so kids won’t complain that it is too scratchy. And, the rolls are compact enough to throw in your bag so you don’t look too ridiculous carrying it to and from the porta-potty.

When we are at a beach (or on the road) and there isn’t a bathroom close by I resort to my folding travel potty seat and the toilet paper I keep in the trunk of my car. They have prevented many accidents and tears!

According to it is also one of the top 5 best value for 2-ply toilet paper. You can even find coupons on the Angel Soft website. So, grab some Angel Soft for your beach bag and car!

DISCLOSURE: This post is sponsored by Angel Soft. While I did receive compensation, all statements are my opinion and my opinion only.