Living Room Safety

kid friendly living room furniture

Better safe than sorry! There are many items in our homes that pose a risk to children. The last thing anyone wants is a trip to the emergency room or even worse, death. It’s important to take preventative measures to insure children’s safety.





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Most of our time is spent in the living room. It’s the room where we sit with family, watch TV, and even watch our babies learn how to walk. According to a research study published in the journal Clinical Pediatrics, about 17,000 children were sent to the emergency room after heavy or unstable furniture fell on them. These types of injuries have even risen 41 percent from 1990 and children ages 1-4 are at greatest risk. Accidents can happen right in front of, quicker than you have time to respond, so make sure to secure the dangerous items in your home.

Entertainment Centers

Television sets pose a serious risk to young children as they can easily topple over onto a child. Television sets should be secured to the wall, as should bookshelves and dressers. Making sure your furniture and electronics are secure can save your child’s life.

Coffee Tables

Coffee table corners are a major concern for babies just learning to walk. Because of their low height they are perfect for cruising. And cruising means there will be falling, possibly onto sharp corners. To make your coffee table safe, pads can be used to soften corners. Another more design friendly option: Get an upholstered or round coffee table.


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Glass coffee tables should also be avoided as they are particularly dangerous. Unsecured glass tops can slide off onto the child, and all glass can break if a child bumps into or falls on the table.


Window treatments have cords. Electronics have cords. Lamps have cords. These strangulation hazards are everywhere throughout our homes, so they must be secured. Cords or electrical wires should be bundled and placed out of baby’s reach. Window cords should be fastened to the wall with brackets.

Sliding Glass Doors

It’s great to have crystal clear windows and doors, but if they are too clear a running child can have a big accident that can send him straight to the hospital full of glass chards. Stickers on sliding glass doors can help children see that a door is in fact closed. It may seem unlikely, but you probably know someone who has tried to walk or run through a closed glass door.

Visit for additional safety checklists.

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